Any brands for high end home theater amplifier ?
Guangzhou KAIXU Audio Equipment Co., Ltd could be the very sought-after home theater amplifier producer. With a rigorous focus on detail in design through to manufacturing, we provide an item line that's high quality, dependable and includes a top cost-performance ratio. This emphasis can be placed on creating new products to satisfy the changing tendencies of the contemporary industry. Within the last decades, KaiXu has gained a reputation for Fantastic partner to use.

KAIXU now is at an influential position in the industry. is mainly engaged in the business of small amplifier and other product series. In order to ensure consistency across an entire cabinet making project, KaiXu high quality power amp is required to be completed on the same line. It is assembled, packaged, and loaded for shipping all on this line. Its maximum power handling per-channel is high enough to ensure rich sound. Thanks to the quality assurance of hifi audio amplifier, our sales network has been reaching out in all directions. Its gold-plated loudspeaker terminals ensure a clear signal.

Our professional services for best power amps for live sound have been well received. Check now!
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