Can audio power amplifier be customized?
Custom service is always available in . In regard to the customization of audio power amplifier , designers or technicians may be arranged to talk to you, to ascertain the items to be customized. The customized production may take a longer period. This will be set after negotiation.

KaiXu is a very competitive enterprise in transistor amplifier industry. professional amplifier is the main product of . It is diverse in variety. It is waterproof. The water-resistant coating which is applied to its exterior side makes water from rain or dew to bead up and slip. Featuring large capacitance, it can work under high power condition. A fast delivery time can be guaranteed in Guangzhou KAIXU Audio Equipment Co., Ltd to ensure the high efficient business in this fast changing world. Its high-quality amplifier tubes make the sound vibrant and dynamic.

In addition to the professional stereo amplifier improvements, we will continue to improve our services. Ask!
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