How long will it take if I want stereo power amplifier sample?
Well, it may vary based on different situations. In general, we will keep the inventory of stereo power amplifier on hand for a rainy day. If you ask for the sample which is exactly what we have in stock, then you can get it at a fast speed. However, if you have some requirements for the product. For example, if customized specifications, unique appearance, different logo design, etc. are required, it will take a longer time for us to manufacture the sample. The time of obtaining the sample also relates to the ordering sequence, shipping time, and other factors.
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Depending on years of development, Guangzhou KAIXU Audio Equipment Co., Ltd has grown from a small producer to one of the most competitive manufacturers of pa amplifiers. hifi audio amplifier produced by is very popular in the market. After the completion of KSA transistor amplifier, another detailed examination is conducted to ensure that the product is technically, physically and aesthetically perfect. Featuring high sonic accuracy, this product produces high-quality audio signals. The product is already encapsulated in a way to emit focused light. And, being a solid-state device it is difficult to damage with shock. Featuring large capacitance, it can work under high power condition.
KSA Array image195
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