Is there instruction manual for home audio stereo amplifier ?
Has prepared the Instructions for saving time and providing the reassurance. Following the Instructions as the proper operation will affect the functioning efficiency and lifespan of stereo amplifier . Apart from this Instruction, our dedicated service staff Is available to give expert advice and support for you.

At the forefront in the field of transistor amplifier, Guangzhou KAIXU Audio Equipment Co., Ltd has received much more recognition. is mainly engaged in the business of professional amplifier and other product series. The product can be flexibly configured to work as sales-promotion showstoppers, regardless of where it is set: in a supermarket, pharmacy or beauty parlor. Its low transient intermodulation distortion enables low error rate in signal transmission. KaiXu is able to produce high quality transistor amplifier with a high efficiency. Featuring real-time load detection, it has stable sound performance.

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