stereo power amplifier export destinations
Stereo power amplifier is proved to have great export potential in international markets. It has unique and important features which are hard to duplicate. Through exportation, gains benefits, expanded customer networks and exposure to new ideas and technology.

KaiXu has been engaging in producing small amplifier. is mainly engaged in the business of home stereo amplifiers for sale and other product series. This product is waterproof. Its seam sealing and coating creates a waterproof barrier and extends the longevity of this product. The product is widely applied in KTV and multimedia halls. Good quality after-sales service is also an attraction for customers to trust KaiXu. This product is ideal for home and theater acoustic sound system.

Our core value is a strong teamwork spirit. We encourage not only internal teamwork, but also the cooperation across boundaries. By this way, we work better with our partners to meet their requirements which in return helps our company grow. Please contact us!
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