What about the exports of in recent years?
In , the percentage of exports is considerably bigger than that of local earnings. We expect to enlarge the export and expand the effect in the global industry. Export is a means to check the quality of an organization's product and also to keep up with the international development.

Guangzhou KAIXU Audio Equipment Co., Ltd now is at the forefront of producing transistor amplifier. is mainly engaged in the business of professional amplifier and other product series. KaiXu stereo amplifier kit is under the real-time control of the R&D team. The team will carry out a routine sampling and analysis of the raw materials so as to acquire information necessary for the economic appraisal of ores and concentrates. Its heat sink is made of pure aluminum, which dissipates heat effectively. This product lasts longer. The weave techniques impart strength to its fabric that helps it undergo a lot of friction before it breaks apart. Its cooling fan protects it from over-heating.

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