What are key manufacturers for transistor power amplifier ?
Is one of the major manufacturers of transistor power amplifier in China. Our commitment is to provide the best buying experience through years of after-sales service. Our value is reflected in the way we do business, always acting in a legal and honest manner, respecting employees and customers.

Guangzhou KAIXU Audio Equipment Co., Ltd now is growing to be a leading hifi audio amplifier manufacturer. is mainly engaged in the business of music amplifier and other product series. Strict quality control is conducted in the production of KaiXu high quality power amp. The purity of the cells, the sawing, polishing, and coating of the body are all scrutinized before the product is shipped. Its maximum power handling per-channel is high enough to ensure rich sound. The product can be flexibly configured to work as sales-promotion showstoppers, regardless of where it is set: in a supermarket, pharmacy or beauty parlor. It's compatible with a wide range of devices such as USB cables and phones.

We have been engaged in the best stereo power amplifier industry for many years and can guarantee high quality. Inquiry!
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