What to do if it is incomplete power amplifier delivery?
Once customers find the quantity of the receiving goods is not consistent with the number listed on the agreed contract, please inform us immediately. We, as a professional company, have always been careful in packing the products and will check the order number again and again before delivery. We would love to provide our Customs declaration and CIP (Commodity Inspection Report) which clearly presents the number of power amplifier after arriving at the port. If the loss of the delivered products is caused because of poor transportation condition or bad weather, we will arrange replenishment.
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Guangzhou KAIXU Audio Equipment Co., Ltd has been a professional manufacturer and supplier of power amplifier in the market. We are known as credible and reputable. The digital amplifier series is one of the main products of . Some chemicals and other additives are added to customize the KSA professional amplifier for the intended use, including anhydrous aluminum silicates as reinforcing fillers. It's compatible with a wide range of devices such as USB cables and phones. This product will perfectly match other designs been developed such as color of the wall, floor (whether it’s having wooden texture, tiled or granite so on), luxurious lamps and other lightings. With a series of sensitive input selection, it features high sound quality.
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We’re constantly striving to improve the products we supply, the services we deliver and the positive impact we make. Our mission is not just to succeed in this market. We aim to lead it towards a more ethical future. Check now!

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