Where is factory located?
The mill of gets the very advantageous position. Here, the price of collecting materials and production and distributing finished basic audio amplifier to clients is minimal. Our mill is situated close to the origin of raw materials. Thus, we're in a position to decrease transport expenses, which considerably affects production expenses and supplies customers with the best profit. Skilled and semi-skilled local manpower increases the efficient functioning of our plant life.

As a professional stereo power amplifier supplier, KaiXu also specializes in offering one-stop solutions. is mainly engaged in the business of hifi audio amplifier and other product series. All of the components and parts of KaiXu stereo amplifier kit are made from solid materials which are guaranteed to free of formaldehyde to ensure hardness and longevity. The product is widely applied in KTV and multimedia halls. The mass production capacity of KaiXu also indicates the competitive price of hifi audio amplifier with high quality. Its components guarantee its effective acoustic output.

Guangzhou KAIXU Audio Equipment Co., Ltd strives to achieve continuous improvement on home audio stereo amplifier. Get info!
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