Which home audio amplifier company doing OBM?
In China, OBM is now growing rapidly. Many home audio amplifier manufacturers retail their own branded goods which are the whole products or component parts produced by a second firm. is such a manufacturer. The OBMs will be liable for everything such as the production and development, supply chain, delivery and also the promotion. The partnership with the OBMs will help sustain the company development.

Guangzhou KAIXU Audio Equipment Co., Ltd is proud to be one of the leading stereo power amplifier supplier. is mainly engaged in the business of pa amplifier and other product series. KaiXu pa amplifiers is designed by the designing department who aims to enlarge the heat radiating area by designing it into a groove shape. In this way, the heat transfer area is largened. It produces a powerful and pure sound experience for users. Mass production of pa amplifier with high quality is available in KaiXu. It can amplify any types of audio including music and vocals.

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